As the coronavirus pandemic continues to develop worldwide, we at Harding’s Wealth Managers are monitoring its ongoing effect on the markets and on our communities. The safety and wellbeing of our team and clients are our highest priority. In an effort to act as responsible global citizens, like you we are complying with the recommendations of federal, state and local health officials. Since the lockdown in Carbon County I have been working from home for the most part, and have visited the office only to record videos for you, but never fear, I am able to do for you at home, what I do when I am in the office, particularly when it comes to navigating the markets and looking after your accounts. I am leveraging technology to overcome challenges related to travel restrictions..

Conditions are rapidly changing, locally, nationally and globally due to the Coronavirus, the global task of halting the spread of COVID-19 are creating questions and uncertainty. We understand, we have questions too, to this end, I am sending out emails every couple of days which not only include video’s discussing how the markets are performing etc, but also an Excel spreadsheet which gives an update on Coronavirus cases globally and in the US. I know I do not have all the answers, but I am deeply committed to sharing factual and helpful information and combatting misinformation. Below are links to trusted sources of information.

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