Secure your income during retirement.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that we can help you secure your income when you retire, so you can maintain your quality of life. An income for life plan is a great option for individuals with high incomes who want to continue having a steady influx of income post-retirement. At Harding’s Wealth Managers in Gilbert, PA, we can help you determine if an income for life plan is right for you and can help you create one that is tailored to meet your needs and goals, and which will help you to have an increasing income during your retirement years.

What is an income for life plan?

In an income for life plan, your assets, including your savings, 401(k), IRA accounts, social security, and more, are gathered into a fund pool from which you can draw a fixed amount of income at fixed periods throughout the duration of your life. Based on your expectations for maintaining your quality of life during retirement, we will help you determine the amount of money you wish to receive as your lifetime guaranteed income. From there, we guide you in calculating the amount of money you need to earn and save to make your income for life plan feasible.

An income for life plan gives you the security of knowing that even post-retirement, when you aren’t getting a paycheck, you will have a consistent income that will contribute to your ability to fulfill your retirement goals and dreams.

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