Most people look forward to retiring at some point, but to have a comfortable retirement, one has to plan well not only in advance of retirement, but in preparation for the distribution phase of your retirement. This requires the discipline, diligence and motivation to begin saving early in life and a distribution plan to help you ensure that you do not run out of money in retirement, most retirees’ biggest fear. If you are committed to making your retirement the best it can be, at Harding’s Wealth Managers in Gilbert, PA, we have the tools to help you get there and create a plan that will provide you with income for life.


We take the time to work closely with you, gathering all of the details of your financial situation and your specific goals for retirement. This information allows us to create a personalized retirement plan. It’s never too early to start working on your plan; in fact, the earlier, the better. Even though it may be difficult to encourage yourself to save for several decades in the future, it will be worth it when you can enjoy the leisurely, comfortable retirement you have been dreaming of.

Because average life expectancy has increased, some people may spend a third of their lives in retirement, which means it is essential that you have the savings to support yourself and your family in the future. Although it is impossible to guarantee that you will have enough income to support yourself in retirement because of the constantly changing economy, the more planning and saving you do, the better chance you have of success.

Your Retirement Plan

Based on your unique needs and goals, we create a customized retirement plan that can include any combination of the following:


IRA Accounts
Simple IRA Plans
Unique 401(k) plan solutions
412 (i) Plan Solutions

We will discuss with you the pros and cons for each type of plan and will provide unbiased advice as to what will benefit you the most.

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